The first facility produced by KAIYUKAN, this is a one-of-a-kind facility that allows visitors to intuitively experience the beauty and wonder of living creatures.


Based on the concept of connecting through the senses and featuring various artistic elements, this facility brings to life the wonder of living creatures and nature.

Crystal-clear water, wonderfully colored fishes, and unique animals will enrich the hearts of children and grownups alike.

This is a movie of NIFREL’s private view held on nov.16, 2015.

Visiting NIFREL, we can see a white tiger as well as Mini-hippopotamus, a wonderful swimmer known as a Underwater ballerina coming from Singapole Zoo.

KAIYUKAN, the producer of NIFREL has special technique in water quality management based on their skills to years of administration of the aquarium.

At NIFREL’s cafe “EAT・EAT・EAT”, we can find edible water which we can pick up by our fingers which gives us mysterious experience!

Let’s enjoy and have lot’s of fun at NIFREL!